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Girugamesh- INCOMPLETE review

Feels like forever since Girugamesh has released anything. I remember a couple years ago back when they were releasing albums faster than most bands were putting out singles lol. So it’s good to see them back on track, releasing good music 

1- INCOMPLETE- So this is the singles title track and opening song. It also comes with a PV. I think this song is a great first step for Girugamesh to get back to what their “real” sound is. When I say “real” sound I don’t mean the Girugamesh of the past or the one of the present. I mean the Girugamesh that has fun playing their music. This song is a great example of Girugamesh doing thier own thing. Sure there is a little dubstepish part in it, but what Girugamesh single/album doesn’t have something that completely contradicts their previous albums style? It’s just how they have always been. And i’m glad to see it lol

2- Limit Break- Personally my favorite song on the single. the instrumentals remind me a lot of how they sounded back when MUSIC came out. But the vocals and chorus are more closely related to NOW or GO. Overall it’s a great song that mixes both of their most popular styles of music. Some people might like their old stuff and some may like the new. But any fan can agree that this song is a good one :)

3- takt- Of course there needs to be a slower song right? Well takt is it. This song has more dubstepish parts than INCOMPLETE does but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. I like this song a lot and I think it perfectly finishes the single. The chorus is really cool probably my fav part of the song.

So thats it. I really think this single is a step in the right direction for Girugamesh, a band who I feel took a couple steps back after MUSIC. But from the way this INCOMPLETE sounded I don’t think i’m going to need to worry about their future as a band anymore :)

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